• Region: Sograt Regime
  • Population: 30,000
  • Main religion: Trianthianism, New Freyanism
  • Known for: Naga and Isis capital, bandit settlement

The pyramids of Sograt were once built by the nagas and isises of the ancient days as tributes to their gods and homes for their kin. Nowadays, with all of the crime running rampant in Sograt, the snakepeople have taken to moving out of their archaic city or adjusting to the newcomers—bandits.

Within the pyramids are several levels of a city belonging to the nagas and isises. They can often be found sunning themselves on the sides of the colossal monuments as well. However, bandits who control the roads in and out of Morocc have taken to setting up camp around the pyramids. This is because a great many of these bandits are nagas and isises. There are many of other species as well, though. Some are more violent than others, however, and some are not violent at all. It is a village where zeny, goods, and pacts of loyalty rule.

Within the pyramids, however, the bandits tend to stay away from. The more traditional nagas and isises who refuse to be a part of a "criminal life" will chase out bandits of other races seeking refuge within the pyramids—or if the unsuspecting visitor is unlucky, they may become eaten whole.

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