The Yggdrasil Tree
  • Region: Amaranthine Forest
  • Population: Unknown
  • Main religion: Unknown
  • Known for: Being the first life form on Advent

The Yggdrasil Tree is a colossal, giant tree that has existed as long as anyone can remember. Trianthiests believe that the city of the gods, Shangri-La, is located at the top of the tree. Below the tree, in the shadow of its enormous roots, lay the city of the dead: Niflheim. The Yggdrasil Tree is a symbol of life and beginning, and plays an important role in all religions. Located deep in the heart of the Amaranthine Forest, the great tree serves as home to some mysterious persons who wish to become closer to nature. The leaves, fruit and seeds of the tree have miraculous properties used in medicine and spiritual purposes all around Advent. It is an emblem of life, balance and death; the purest source of faith in the world.

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